Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost? What are the differences between the various website packages? What is the difference between an online shop and a professional website? Are a contract and invoice offered? How and when do I pay?

These are all frequently encountered questions in the interaction with our customers. For the sake of efficiency and to facilitate the collaboration with APEX Digital, we have provided you with the following set of questions and answers.
Here are the prerequisites for obtaining a website:
A domain (i.e.
A hosting package from of the reputable hosting providers (i.e.
Someone reliable who will create your online presence
Recommended: contract & invoice
Recommended: brandbook and/or logo
If you need help with any of the steps listed, we're here to help you at any time. We can assist by helping you check domain availability, make the right choices for your domain name and hosting package, and tailor the online presence you deserve in a timely and risk-free manner.
The costs associated with owning a website can be divided into two categories: one-off costs and recurring costs.

The one-off costs refer to the initial investment in the website: the cost of the initial consultancy, the cost of the logo, the cost of the development of the website itself, as well as the cost of the custom features. Some services can also be paid later, such as integrations with third party services, performance optimizations, SEO etc.

Recurring costs refer to expenses related to hosting (monthly or annual payments), third party services (courier, payment processing fees, etc.), marketing, website maintenance, and so on.

Of course, these costs may vary depending on the size of your project. An online shop will require a more expensive hosting package than a brochure website. Similarly, an online shop created in the Magento platform will require more expensive hosting than an online shop created in Wordpress. Recommended marketing budgets also vary from business to business.

Overall, the initial investment can range from a few hundred euros to several thousand euros.

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Online Stores
For online shops, the delivery time is approximately 10 working days after signing the contract.

As it is a complex and collaborative process, this timeframe may vary depending on the number of revisions, the duration of contracts signed with third parties (payment portal, deliveries, management, etc.) and your availability to provide the information needed to develop the store.
Business Websites
Depending on the desired complexity, the delivery time can vary from 48 to 20 working days.
After signing the contract, payment can be made in installments, by milestone, or on a 50%-50% basis, half at the start of the project, half at completion. Payment is made on the basis of an invoice, by bank transfer.

At this moment, we inform you that we DO NOT accept payment in installments (after completion) or full pay upon completion.
What Does Maintenance Mean?
Maintaining a website, regardless of its profile, involves updates, changes and maintenance work specific to your platform or project.

Just as a car requires oil changes, filters, battery, etc., a website requires ongoing care to ensure its proper functioning. The difference is that a website runs 24/7 and is exposed to much greater risks than a car.
Why is Maintenance Important?
Maintaining a website is very important for the well-being of the website itself, and therefore for the stability and quality of your online presence.

Over time, technologies change. Security, performance or data privacy issues are discovered. Then solutions to these problems are found. Over time, an unmaintained website is exposed to vulnerabilities and does not benefit from the latest security and performance solutions.

Therefore, a maintenance package for your website is always a good investment. Stay safe and always on top.

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